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  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Blumenkranz - Kill la Kill soundtrack
  • Reading: TV Tropes
  • Watching: High School DxD BorN
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VI
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
"...I keep a busy schedule trying to fit them in." - "Mr. Bad Example" Warren Zevon

Stolen from :iconmasterzehnny:


[ ] I have never given to charity 
[] I feel the need to have the latest in technology.
[] I own more than one computer, tablet, or smartphone 
[x] I always ignore people asking for donations 
[  ] I have no problem spending a large amount of money on a electronic 
[x] I never offer to pay for lunch 

Total: 2


[x] I hate sharing my food
[x] I eat more than I need
[  ] I eat when I'm not hungry
[x] I've gotten thirds or more
[x] I eat a lot of packaged, processed, or fast foods
[x] The first place I go to at an event is to where the food is

Total: 5


[  ] I lose my temper a lot
[ ] I've broken things out of anger
[x] I've wished death, injury, or misfortune to others
[  ] I'm always willing to fight someone if I feel the need
[  ] I prefer violent video games to all others
[x] I support the saying "An eye for an eye"

Total: 2


[x] I avoid work whenever possible 
[x] I avoid exercise as much as possible 
[x] I always sleep in when I can 
[  ] If the remote isn't close to me I give up and watch whatever is on 
[x] Going to the bathroom is such a "walk" 
[x] If I could stay in bed all day I would

Total: 5


[x] I own or bookmarked pornographic content
[x] Sex is usually on my mind
[ ] I keep a condom with me just in case
[ ] I've had sex with more than one person
[x] I masturbate at least once a week
[ ] I don't have to be in a relationship with someone to have sex with them 

Total: 3


[  ] I would never accept charity or hand-downs
[x] I have lied to keep myself from looking bad
[ ] I'll defend my or my family's honor/reputation by any means
[x] I hate having to apologize
[x] I can't look the other way when someone insults me
[x] I hate and avoid admitting I'm wrong / or I believe I'm never wrong

Total: 4


[  ] I have fallen out with a friend because they owned something I wanted
[ ] I hate it when my partner talks to the opposite sex 
[x] I can't stand people who are more popular than me 
[x] I think I deserve more than what I have
[  ] I only hang around with people less attractive than myself 
[x] I hate seeing happy couples 

Total: 3


[  ] 0-6; Saint
[  ] 7-12; In danger
[] 13-18; Tainted
[  ] 19-24; Sinful
[x] 25-30; Likely end up in hell
[  ] 31+; Spawn of Satan

"I have every expectation that my final prayer will go unheard and my failed deathbed confession will not move the Mighty Lord. And I know that I'll be sorry when He slams St. Peter's Gate, but I'll dive right into damnation with a smile upon my face!" - "Straight to Hell" Great Big Sea

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